Austen Lamacraft

Theoretical Physicist


2014- University of Cambridge Reader in Theoretical Physics, Department of Physics

Recent Projects


2017 Quantum inspired probabilistic models in machine learning. Ongoing work at


2016 Unifying computing in the Cambridge undergraduate physics course under a single framework based on Python. See


2012-14 University of Cambridge University Lecturer, Department of Physics

2007-12 University of Virginia Assistant Professor, Department of Physics (Tenure 2012)

2005-07 University of Oxford Postdoctoral Fellow, All Souls College

2002-05 Princeton University Robert H. Dicke Fellow, Department of Physics

2001-07 University of Cambridge Junior Reseach Fellow, Trinity College

1998-99 Barclays Capital Derivatives Trader, Interest Rate Exotics


1999-02 University of Cambridge PhD Theoretical Physics (Supervisor: Ben Simons)

1997-98 University of Cambridge MMath (Part III Mathematics, Distinction)

1994-97 University of Cambridge BA Natural Sciences (First Class Honours)

Technical skills

Grants / Awards

2017 Co-PI on EPSRC Critical Mass grant EP/P034616/1 (£2,023,484)

2010 Cottrell Scholar Award from Research Corporation for Science Advancement ($75,000)

2009 NSF CAREER award ($425,000)

2007 Royal Society University Research Fellowship (declined), 2007

2002 Miller Fellowship, UC Berkeley (declined), 2002


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2017 Nonlinear Luttinger liquid: exact result for the Green function in terms of the fourth Painlevé transcendent
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2015 Quantum Hydrodynamics in One Dimension beyond the Luttinger Liquid

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2013 From GPE to KPZ: finite temperature dynamical structure factor of the 1D Bose gas
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2013 Diffractive scattering of three particles in one dimension: a simple result for weak violations of the Yang--Baxter equation
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